Island Network Alerter

Main offering IIA2 (Industrial Island Alerter V2).

SMADA Monitor

Alerts to you to view important critical situations.

SNMP Trap Alerter

Alerts to you on any configurable SNMP Trap.

LEAK Detection Alerter

Alerts to you on any Leak Detected by our Sensors.

Remote Monitoring

Near Realtime WEB and Mobile Phone Displays.

WelcomeTo our Industrial Island Network Alerter & Products

What does it mean "Timely Notifications"? Great question!
Well our products start out with either custom built ethernet module applications or PC based processes. These detect island network IP devices utilizing several discovery methods and then periodically tests these devices for their current existance and health. This information is then sent out through a patent in process one way data diode (via XML) which is physically only a out bound data conduit. This insures that there is NO WAY for any external data access into the very important Island Network. There are many reasons why Island or some times called "Dead Networks" exist but the main reason is that companies have found that their process or manufacturing or key data networks can and will be effected by connection to external corporate network viruses, hackers or worse.

For most companies they have their own LAN segments or networks that for hard lessons learned are not and can not be connected to company wide networks. But having these Island Networks they have also created situations where now it is very difficult to create and maintain email or other bridge gateways for external notification. Knowing near real time status of PLC controller status and problem detection in a live safety network for example has been typically connected to pagers.
Now you can view and monitor machine status, PLC tags or variables, all sorts of process data, engineering test results, building information and more from any web based smart device from whereever you are at the moment.

We don't do the Control or "C" portion of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) instead we acquire the data and then alert you and/or present the data for Monitoring so we do SMADA (Supervisory Monitoring and Data Acquisition).

For example here is a sample of one of our SMADA displays for a CDU or (Chemical Dispensing Unit) that one might expect to find in various manufacturing systems.

Our displays like for this CDU example are optimized for mobile devices like iPhone, Androids etc...
There is no real limit to the kind of data that can be displayed related to a alert or even just for mobile or remote monitoring.

More Secure than FirewallsSecurities state of the art is DES encrytion, Firewalls, VPN Tunnels etc..

When employees have logins through firewalls secrets will eventually be lost sooner or later.
Select and limit the information that needs to be shared without giving anyone a login through your company firewall.
Expand the number of people that can view timely actionable information while maintaining security. Hackers cannot increase, change or modify the level of data shared externally.

The links immediately below illustrate how the Alert Island products prevent critical loss of data while dramatically increasing the ability of employees to be more proactive to technical problems and perform their jobs more effectively.

Raytheon's Cyberchief Describes 'Come to Jesus' Moment

PLC Operating System exploits are available and relatively simple to implement

Latest Products

SMADA Monitor

Alerts to you to view important critical situations.

SNMP Alerter

Alerts to you on SNMP Traps.

Computer Watchdogs

PC or Server Watchdog application.